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Gangstar Vegas Available for iPhone, iPad & Android

Gangstar Vegas Available for iPhone, iPad & Android

Gangstar Vegas iPhone, iPad, iPod touch & Android game

It was not very long ago that Gangstar Rio: City of Saints received a huge update which the game provided of all new features and game contentions to you to get back to playing, but meanwhile publisher Gameloft already released a new part in the series which is clearly inspired by Grand Theft Auto. Gangstar Vegas is set in the American casino town and features an open world that is up to 9 times bigger than the previous game. Watch video below.

Gangstar Vegas Available for iPhone, iPad & Android
The new Gangstar Vegas game is available for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Android devices. The download package is 1.4 GB in size and takes 3 GB of space! A big difference compared to the 870 MB of the predecessor. 

But you get something in return. Except for a nine times larger world in which you can move. Gangstar Vegas has a storyline consisting of 8 missions, you can go to the casino for all gambling games and there are global rankings for certain tasks in the game. Racing and disabling enemies is not only for the story, but perhaps also to improve your high scores of friends and yourself.

In Gangstar Vegas you assume the role of a martial artist which has connections in the underworld. That is nothing special for game like GTA. But how do you deal with mafia bosses, gangs and other criminal scum? Just on the streets of course! In Vegas you shoot from cars to other traffic, flying with a plane over the city, driving with a Harley Davidson bike through the desert next to the city and you shoot with a bazooka on the world famous fountains in the city. All known landmarks of Las Vegas can be found in the game. This ensures that Gangstar Vegas is also fun to play without doing a mission!

Download Gangstar Vegas for Android freeGangstar Vegas Android 

Gangstar Vegas coming soon to Android. Gangstar Vegas will probably not take longer than a maximum of two weeks after the launch of iOS. Converted, it will have to be within 13 days! And we will of course put directly on the site when it becomes available.


iPhone/iPod touch & iPad: Download Gangstar Vegas here (universal, iOS 5+)
Android: Download Gangstar Vegas (Android 2.3+, 4.5 stars)


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