Thursday, July 4, 2013

Greedy Dwarf: Great iPhone, iPad & Android Game

Greedy Dwarf: Great iPhone, iPad & Android Game
There are so many 3D run games for iPhone and Android, like: Sonic Dash with the fast blue hedgehog, Pitfall, Running With Friends with a very nice Spanish bull theme and recently also Dispicable Me: Minion Rush. But this game is just a bit different. 

In Greedy Dwarf you take the role of a crazy adventurer. You don't have to run like all the others, but you drive in a mine car and then go on full speed through a dangerous lava ''mountain''. As in Dispicable Me, the camera switches between regular view from behind and from the side. Unfortunately, in this game is the camera view not as good as the other 3D games.

The game costs $ 0.99 and has 32 levels instead of endless sessions, and there are fortunately no in-app purchases yet. Greedy Dwarf works currently on all iOS devices with iOS 4.3 and later. And within a few weeks also for Android. Enjoy!


iPhone, iPad: download Greedy Dwarf ($0.99, iOS 4.3+, universal)
Android: Coming soon


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