Sunday, August 4, 2013

Apps Gone Free: Bad Piggies - Free App of the Week

Bad Piggies - Free App of the Week

Bad Piggies available for free

Apple's free app of the week is Bad Piggies. Bad piggies, the spiritual successor to Angry Birds. In Bad Piggies you do not play with happy birds but with green pigs, where you have to build your own car to go as smoothly as you can get fom A to B. In order to complete the race as quickly as possible, you can put your creative cars together. The faster you are, the higher the final score will be. 

In each level you get a package of structural components that you put a vehicle together. Wheels for example, or boxes to the pig in a seat. Or 'Tuffer "which you can dose the momentum and balloons that your device let fly. The parts that you put in the vehicle, determine the buttons on the screen once you are on the go. Put a propeller on the back of your chest and press a button to accelerate. Balloons on the roof? With one button you leave them one by one burst to drop. If your vehicle appears worthless, you can return to and start a new try. Enjoy!

Download Bad Piggies free only this week

iPhone: Bad Piggies (temporarily free, from $ 0.99, iPhone/iPod touch, iOS 4.3+) 
iPad: Download: Bad Piggies HD (temporarily free, from $ 0.99, iPad, iOS 4.3 +)
Android: download Bad Piggies (free, Android 2.2+, 4.5 stars)


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