Friday, August 2, 2013

Le Vamp is Apple's Free App of the Week

Le Vamp is Apple’s Free App of the Week. This endless running game has a funny purple vampire. The game costs normally $ 0.99 but only today for free!

Today's Free App

Here we are again! Apple's free App of the Week is Le Vamp. A funny game with a purple vampire, with a French twist is given. Le Vamp is actually an endless running game like Temple Run, but with a very original approach. 

Le Vamp is the whole week available for free. Thanks to the promotion of Apple. You must be at least 9 years old to download the game. Occasionally there will be ''scary'' bits in it. Not really creepy, Le Vamp is a cartoon-like game. The angry mass of people gives chase on our purple vampire. You have to protect him from the sun, water and other threats. You need to bring him safely to his crypt. Meanwile, you need to collect many points as possible. With the points you can buy power points and stuff to throw bloody pigs to your vampire so he can survive. Only then he keeps his pale skin healty. Enjoy!


iPhone: download: Le Vamp (temporarily free, normally $ 0.99, universal, iOS 5.1+)
Android: download Le Vamp ($ 0.99, Android 3+, 4.5 stars)


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