Friday, August 9, 2013

iOS/Android Game Update: Temple Run 2 New Character Usian Bolt & HyperLight Gone Free

Temple Run 2 New Character: Usian Bolt

Temple Run 2 New Character: Usian Bolt

Temple Run 2 provides for a "limited time" the sprinter Usain Bolt as a character in the game. In the popular game the player is on the run for a sample and obstacles should be avoided. 

Players in Temple Run 2 can now use the sprinter to break world record. But the character costs $ 0.99. Don't worry, if you have a jailbroken iPhone, iPad or iPod touch device, follow the steps on our tutorial to get them for free.

Bolt has also a special power: the bolt shield. Which makes the player temporarily invincible and runs automatically through the obstacles.

iPhone/iPad: download Temple Run 2 (free, iOS 4.3+, 4.5 stars)
Android: download Temple Run 2 (free, Android 2.1+, 4 stars)

HyperLight an iOS/Android app gone for free

HyperLight an iOS/Android app gone for freeIn this game, which is set in a psychedelic cosmic environment, it's all about speed. You control with your iPhone/iPad or Android device a spaceship that can go faster than light and can defeat your enemies. You move by tipping your iPhone, but the app can also control with buttons. Speed ​​do you do in the same way. HyperLight has a total of 40 levels. Hyper Light has been reviewed by 345 customers and has an average an average rating of 4.5 stars. The app is universal, works on iPhone and Android. HyperLight costs normally $ 0.99. Remember that the game is temporarily available for free. After a week it will probably costs money again.

iPhone/iPad: download HyperLight (free, normally $0.99, iOS 5+)
Android: download Hyperlight (free, normally $0.99, Android 2.2+)


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