Monday, December 9, 2013

MEGA for iPhone: Official app of Online Cloud Storage MEGA Available

MEGA  App for iPhone, iPad and Android gives you access to 50GB of free online storage space. This gives 500GB of storage space and 1,000GB of bandwidth.
Apple has approved the iOS app of the online cloud storage MEGA. MEGA was already available for Android devices. Now is the app finally available on the App Store. There were already alternative apps, such as: Portable Mega, but there you had to pay for it.

MEGA Gives You

MEGA gives you access to 50GB of free online storage space. You can browse through the files, searching for files, move and rename them. You can also upload files through a gallery of pictures to share the files with friends.

You can also upgrade to Pro with a monthly or yearly subscription. The monthly subscription will cost $10.99 and the yearly one will cost $119.99. This entitles you to storage 500GB space and 1,000GB of bandwidth per month.

Now the MEGA app is available has the company promised that they go improve the website and desktop synchronization for Mac, Windows and Linux.


iPhone/iPad: download MEGA (free, iOS 6+)
Android: download MEGA (free, Android 2.3+)


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