Thursday, December 12, 2013

Angry Birds Go! Race Game Available Now for iPhone & Android

Angry Birds Go! Race Game Available Now for iPhone & Android

The Finnish developer Rovio from the famous game Angry Birds has made Angry Birds Go available worldwide for the iPhone, iPad and Android devices. Angry Birds Go! was announced a couple of months ago, and was rightfully be called a decent surprise, because In all Rovio games the basics remained the samee, but a suprice for this game. In each game section of Rovio you fire the birds, simply touch the slingshot and hold your finger on it and then pull. Only this time, things are a little more different.

Angry Birds Go! New Features

This new game still has that traditional Angry Birds feel, but cross that with Mario Kart. The birds are racing vs each other (fully in 3D animated) and it looks very nice. It is also the first 3D game from Rovio. It plays great, the controls are responsive and very simple. You can turn left and right, using either touch or tilt controls, and you accelerate automatically. The game is available for free

In-App Purchases

But unfortunately... there are also in-app purchases. You have to pay for almost everything you want. In itself, we have no problem with freemium games, as long as they are likeable to play without in-app purchases. You can purchase or upgrade you cars, but the fastest cars costs $49.99.


iPhone/iPad: download Angry Birds Go! (free, in-app purchases, universal, iOS 6.0+)
Android: download: Angry Birds Go! (free, Android 2.33+ )


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