Monday, December 16, 2013

Concept Videos of Apple iPhone Air, and iPhone 6 with Curved Glass

Check out these 2 concepts videos for Apple iPhone Air and iPhone 6c with curved glass. The first video we see a concept of an extremely thin iPhone...
Apple unexpectedly came with the name new iPad (iPad Air) and a smaller and thinner design. But what if the technical limitations are no longer important? Then you might also be able to develop an extremely thin iPhone or one that has a full curved screen. Two new concept videos by the Italian SET Solution, is already looking into the future. It is certainly not realistically, because there is not the technology yet to make this possible. But we can always dream.

Extremely Thin iPhone Air 

In the first video we see a concept of an extremely thin iPhone. The concept device is at its thickest point just only 3 millimeters thick and weighs only 70 grams. Compare with the iPhone 5S is the current iPhone 5S 7.6 mm thick and weighs 112 grams. The iPhone Air is about for half thinner and about 1.5 times lighter. Check out the video below.

Curved iPhone 6c 

The second video shows a concept of the iPhone 6c. Where the 'c' in the 5c is for 'color', meaning the c in iPhone 6c is for 'curved'. iPhone 6c has a curved casing and screen. We already know that Apple is working on such technologies. Earlier this week Apple won a patent for making curved touch screens.


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