Friday, December 27, 2013

Day 2 - 12 Days of Gifts: Tiny Thief and Once Upon a Time TV series

Day 2 - Tiny Thief and Once Upon a Time TV series

On the second day of Apple's 12 Days Gifts is Tiny Thief and an episode of the pilot episode of ABC’s hit television series: 'Once Upon a Time' the free gifts of Apple. At the same time many people will not see Tiny Thief as a gift, because the game was already available for free. For almost a week now, this is because developers may not change the price of their app since December 21. The game was released under Rovio Stars third-party games in July 2013.

Tiny Thief

In Tiny Thief you stand as a thief for all kinds of challenges. The first levels are primarily intended to learn the game and get to move. Then you have to figure out how to climb a ladder and perform other actions themselves. Tiny Thief is primarily a puzzle adventure game with nice animations, an orchestral background music and nice variety in the missions.

The gift is not the same in all countries. In the U.S., they can download a free episode of a TV series; Once Upon a Time and for the rest of the world is Tiny Thief the free Apple gift. The game can be download through the link below, that will direct you to the store, but the TV serie can only be downloaded through the app self.

Again, the free episode and the game will only be available for 24 hours, then Apple will replace it with something else.


iPhone/iPad: download Tiny Thief  (Europe, free, from $ 2.99, universal, iOS 5.0 +)
iPhone/iPad: download 12 Days of Gifts (free, iOS 7+)
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