Sunday, December 29, 2013

iPhone 5s Touch ID Fingerprint Sensor Still Work If It Is Freezing?

Putting iPhone 5s In A Freezer with -22 degrees celsius

Putting iPhone 5s In A Freezer

Have you always wanted to know what happens when you freeze an iPhone 5s? Mikko Hypponen, a man who work at a Finnish security company decided to try it. Mikko has some experience with this kind of work. Six years ago, he performed the same experiment with the first iPhone by placing it in the freezer. And revealed that the iPhone was still working fine.

But now we are a few generation iPhones further and the latest iPhone offers the Touch ID fingerprint sensor. The key question is whether the Touch ID fingerprint sensor and the device itself still will work.

-22 Degrees Celsius

After putting the iPhone 5s for about one and a half hours in the freezer with a temperature of -22 degrees Celsius. And... everything just works as it should, even the Touch ID fingerprint sensor. This is quit remarkable, because according to Apple, the iPhone 5s can't work normally at temperatures lower than -20 degrees and above 45 degrees Celsius. While this may seem like a funny experiment , we don't recommend you to try this at home. Check out the video below.


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