Sunday, December 22, 2013

Official Nintendo Games coming to iPhone, iPad and Android?

Donkey Kong Country or Super Mario Bros to iOS iPhone, iPad, and Android?

Donkey Kong Country or Super Mario Bros to iOS iPhone, iPad, and Android?

More and more retro games find their way to iOS, but none is Nintendo: the company avoids the platform fearfully. But that seems to be changing.

Playing old school Nintendo games, such as: Donkey Kong Country or Super Mario Bros on your iPhone, iPad or Android smartphone/tablet. These iOS and Android devices are obviously well suited for, but Nintendo doesn't want to make games for these platforms. Of course, not surprising, because the company would sell a lot less 3DS consoles that way.

However, there seems to be a change, but not the way you would like to see it. Reggie Fils-Aime, the president of the U.S. branch of Nintendo, said in an interview that the company will 'experiment' with iOS and Android smartphones and tablets to supplement their own console; the WiiU and 3DS.

Nintendo Is Experimenting With iOS Apps

That means that Nintendo will develop ''baits'' apps for iPhone. But, Fils-Aime report that the gameplay will not be involved: for example, the motion sensor will work the same as on the 3DS. However, there are restrictions for iPhone and Android users. Not everything is accessible.

Nintendo tries to lure iOS and Android users towards the 3DS in this way. When Nintendo will release those games is still unclear.


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