Friday, January 24, 2014

Apple's Free App of the Week: Spark

iPhone App of the Week Spark offers a more creative way to capture, save and share videos. Read our review.When it comes to video editing on the iPhone, anything that makes my life easier is welcome. The built-in video editor is boring and, honestly, a bit tricky to get used to. I'm not one to shell out $4.99 for iMovie either (even so, I've used it and don't find it much better), so trying out Spark for the first time, I was skeptical. Turns out that this clever little app is actually quite powerful, and what seems at first a bit gimmicky turns out to pack a punch.

Unique User Interface

The first think you'll notice about Spark is that its layout is a bit different. The UI itself is a bit gimicky, but luckily the built-in tutorials let you breeze through learning the controls. The options within the app itself are standard, but still impressive, especially the filters which swipe-over your content, and the option to import any music.

iPhone App of the Week Spark offers a more creative way to capture, save and share videos. Read our review.Easy Editing & Sharing

The one thing that this app has over others is the recording and editing controls. There's no "Record Button" in Record mode, you can litterally tap & hold anywhere. There's a quick "Undo" if you don't like what you recorded. In Edit Mode you can rearange your c
lips with a quick swipe or trim/clip them with just a couple of taps, it's worlds ahead the built in editor. Of course, you can always just import previously recorded material too. Rearranging clips is super-easy (way, way easier than the built-in iOS Editor), and sharing is super easy too. Uploading to nearly every social media site is built in.

Overall since this app is currently Free, I aboslutly suggest downloading it and giving it a spin. If you're stuck in a rut with your current Video Editor, or just want to try something a bit different, this is absolutly for you. It's fully functional app, with obvious focus on users and design. Arsty folks will love it.


Free on iTunes: Spark Camera


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