Sunday, January 19, 2014

BioUnlock: An Upcoming Tweak Lets You Unlock Your Mac Using Touch ID

BioUnlock: An amazing tweak that let's you unlock your Mac by using Touch ID. Let's take a look..
Do you have an iPhone and a Mac, then this is a very interesting tweak for you! We've seen our a few tweaks for the Touch ID since the release of the evasi0n7 jailbreak a few weeks ago, and we keep being amazed at some of the ideas developers come up with.

Developer Eric Castro came up with yet another amazing idea to take advantage of the Touch ID, but this time, the tweak is not used to directly interact with your iPhone, but rather with your Mac, let's take a look.

As demonstrated in the video above, Eric Castro has developed a tweak named ''BioUnlock'' that lets you unlock your Mac by using Touch ID.

Of course, this is still work in progress. Eric Castro said that the tool for now only available for Mac. Windows support will come later. This tweak will release at the end of this month.

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