Sunday, January 26, 2014

Blackberry Favorite BeWeather Available For iPhone

If you've switched from Blackberry to iPhone and miss that apps that just aren't available on iTunes (although, lets be fair, usually it's the other way around), there's a bit of relief when it comes to your daily weather forecasts. BeWeather, one of Blackberry's most popular weather apps is now available on the iPhone.

Blackberry favorite weather app BeWeather is now avialable for iOS 7, with beautiful modern UI. Read our Review.

Sleek and stylish, this is a throughly 'modern' app. Offering a range of viewing options for your weather, with forecasts from trusted Weather Underground. The information includes radar, hourly forcasts, severe weather alerts (USA & Europe) and more. While it's not exactly the same as the Blackberry app, it does boast of some of the best weather graphics and displays of any weather app I've seen - let alone a free app - the UI is beautiful!

Webcams & Weather Underground

With the integration of being able to choose your specific weather station, you'll have much more flexibitly in customizing your weather. By not just choosing your generic city, but the actual Weather Underground station closest to you (or, say, where you are travelling to) you'll get the most accurate, up-to-date info available anywhere. Since the app also integrates thousands of nearby webcams you can also check on things like, beach or traffic conditions. It's a powerful tool that many iPhone weather apps don't include.
Blackberry favorite weather app BeWeather is now avialable for iOS 7, with beautiful modern UI. Read our Review.

Why go Pro?

While most of the features are available free, there are a few minor upgrades you could be interested in available only with the Pro Upgrade ($2.99). Minute-by-Minute rain forecasts (by DarkSky), Weather notifcations, Lock screen info & home screen badge weather. These added touches may be appealing to many, and in my humble opinion actually worth the cost of the upgrade, but rest assured that the Free version of the app is a complete package, even without these bells and whistles.


Free on iTunes: BeWeather (free, iOS7+)


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