Sunday, January 12, 2014

Corning Announces Bacteria-Free Glass For Smartphones

We use our iPhone in all imaginable places, but it get quite dirty. Corning has developed a bacteria-free glass.

Corning has developed a bacteria-free You're probably not realize it, but your iPhone is just as dirty as a keyboard or door handles in the house - full of bacteria.

Corning, the manufacturer of almost all smartphones and tablets, including the iPhone, now announces a new type of glass plate: bacteria-free glass for phones.

It does not effect the performance of a touch screen

A senior employee of Corning announced that the so-called 'Antimicrobial Gorilla Glass' prevents that algae, mold, mildew, fungi and bacteria will arise on your smartphone. Of course there will never grow mushrooms from your iPhone, but it's going to prevent a climate that could.

At Corning, they all power working to stay ahead of competition: all last week, the company announced a bulging glass plate. Reportedly, Apple is working on the development of sapphire as a protective layer for future iPhones: the company makes after all the home button of the iPhone 5S already using.


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