Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Day 12 - 12 Days of Gifts: The Rolling Stones

It's day 12, the last day of the big 12 Days of Gifts event.. Today's free gifts is an EP from The Rolling Stones. Grab it here now for free!

Day 12

It’s day 12, and what we assume to be the final day, of the big 12 Days of Gifts event. Apple has removed Mr. Crab and has posted a new item for download. Today’s free gift is an EP (or extended play) from the English rock band The Rolling Stones.

The band really needs no introduction. These guys have been making music for over 50 years, and are ranked #8 on the “Billboard Hot 100 All-Time Top Artists” chart. They’re legends, and widely considered one of the best rock bands that ever lived.

The Rolling Stones

The EP is titled ‘Sweet Summer Sun, Live in Hyde Park 2013,’ and it includes 3 songs from The Rolling Stones’ live performance at the famous London venue last summer: Beast of Burden, Tumbling Dice, and Doom & Gloom. Total run time is 13.5 minutes.

I imagine a lot of folks are going to see this as a disappointing, or anti-climactic end to Apple’s 12 Days of Gifts event. But I also think that a lot of fans are going to be happy to grab these free songs from one of the band’s most memorable performances.

If you want to check it out for yourself, you can grab the 12 Days of Gifts app in the App Store for free, or you can download it directly from the link below. Keep in mind that the download will only be available for 24 hours.


iPhone/iPad: download Sweet Summer Sun, Live in Hyde Park 2013 (Live) - Single (free)
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