Saturday, January 18, 2014

Horizon App: From Now Always Recording Videos In Landscape

Vertical videos uhhh! Fortunately, you can get them in landscape mode with the new Horizon app. Let's take look.. Able to record in Full HD, and..
With one hand filming with your iPhone is the easiest, but however, the result is that all your videos are vertical. That's not so convenient if you want to upload your videos or watch them. Fortunately, you can get them horizontally with the new Horizon app. Let's take look.

How It Works 

Horizon is an iPhone app that auto-magically ensures that your videos are shot in landscape mode. If you rotate your iPhone 45-degrees, the app simply adjusts the frame to maintain its aspect ratio. No matter how you’re actually holding your iPhone

You can record videos in 720p and Full HD. There's also an option to mirror videos to your Apple TV by using AirPlay.

If you always keep your iPhone horizontally when your're filming (as it should be), you don't need the app. But otherwise, definitely recommended!

The Horizon app is available for a limited time for $0.99. It costs normally $1.99. So, If you think you're going to use the app, be sure to grab it as soon as possible.


iPhone/iPad: download Horizon ($0.99, normally $1.99, iOS 7+)


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