Monday, January 6, 2014

Jailbreak Tweak AppLocker Locks Apps On iPhone With Touch ID

Amazing Jailbreak Tweak: AppLocker is able to lock and unlock apps using Touch ID's. Check out our review plus video. Applocker does also...Since the release of evasi0n jailbreak for iOS 7 iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, several new jailbreak tweaks for these devices are in the works, including a great new updated version of AppLocker that is designed to take advantage of the Touch ID sensor for the iPhone 5s.

AppLocker is a tweak that has existed for some time, allowing users to lock separately apps with a password. With iOS 7 and an iPhone 5s, AppLocker is able to lock and unlock apps using the Touch ID's fingerprint sensor. Very useful!

AppLocker is only able to access fingerprints that have been entered into the iPhone 5s through the Touch ID menu in the Settings app, and different fingerprints are not distinguished by the system, so there is little setup needed to install the tweak. As demonstrated in the video, app unlocking works very easy as normal device unlocking with Touch ID.

Touch ID Fingerprint Sensor

Currently is the Touch ID fingerprint sensor on non-jailbroken devices just limited to unlocking the iPhone and making purchases in the App Store. It is likely that Apple will expand the use of Touch ID in the future, but it remains unknown whether Apple has plans to release a Touch ID API that would allow the functionality to be built into separately apps as in the AppLocker jailbreak tweak.

The security implications of the Touch ID-supported AppLocker tweak are unknown, as Apple has said that all Touch ID data is stored in a "Secure Enclave" inside the A7 processor that is walled off from the rest of iOS and unavailable to iOS or other apps.

According to the developer of the tweak, AppLocker is not accessing Touch ID data, but rather confirming that a finger is authenticated. ''All I am doing is asking iOS, 'Hey, is this finger authenticated?'' and I get either a 'Yes' or a 'No,' developer said.


The Touch ID functionality in the latest version of AppLocker is currently available to download on jailbroken iPhones through the ModMyi repo. The update is free for current AppLocker users and $0.99 for new users.


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