Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Ring your Cowbell for Sochi 2014

If you're as excited for the Olympics as I am, then you're probably starting to look around for every app on earth that will help you enjoy the 2014 winter games. There are score-trackers, and schedule-keepers, and believe it or not - even noise makers. What the vuvuzela was for South Africa's World Cup so is the Olympic Cow Bell.

If you're in the stands, at a party, or even at home - you'll want to show your Olympic Pride. One way to do that is to shake your cowbell - and cheer for your home team!

Flags of the World

The app offers 80 flags to choose from, and three 'cowbell' sounds. You can shake your device or tap the bell. Although I have to give credit to the idea - unless you're a die-hard fan who simply can't go without the country flag, I see little more value in this app to justify the $0.99 price.

Within the app offers lots of links to the developers other apps, and links for social media sharing, which leads me to believe that the true intent of the app might be promotion itself. Hey, I'm no slouch when it comes to novlety apps - but usually I like them to be free.


$0.99 on iTunes: Cowbell 2014 for the Sochi Winter Games


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