Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Facebook Paper App Released For iPhone, Soon Also for iPad

Facebook Paper app has been released for iOS iPhone and iPad for free. Just an amazing app! Review + download here..

Facebook Paper App

Facebook has officially released its Paper news app for iOS. The new application is initially available for the United States, for which the editorial content of the app is geared only. You can choose about what categories you want to to read about, but the editors of Facebook determines what news it is important to you. It is not known when Paper comes available to other countries.

The app has a beautiful design and very easy to use. For example, to quickly swipe through articles left and right, you just pull down on an article to flip it open. Check out the video below.

Control is amazing

Paper shows the newsfeed of Facebook in a different way. You scroll horizontally through the pages, with the top of the screen always includes a great photo or video. The bottom of the screen shows Facebook statuses. Videos will be played immediately, when you open a news article. A pinch-to-zoom movement is the act to close a story.

The app also uses the parallax effect that Apple itself uses in iOS 7. Tilt the iPhone and see a different angle of the photo.


Facebook Paper app requires iOS 7.0 or later. It's for now unknown when an iPad version will arrive. Note that Paper is not available in all countries. Currently is the app only available on the US App Store.

Download Paper (free, iOS 7+, iPhone, 4.5 stars)


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