Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Apple's Free App of the Week: Max Axe

This week's Apple's app of the week is a fun adventure came by the name of Max Axe. This very-professional game offers straightforward slay-em-up adventures for your little barbarian character. For fans of Facebook-style simple goal games, that offer level-by-level 'upgrades' and 'prizes' it is a fantastic little fun treat - and free for the time being.

App of the Week: Max Axe

Impressive Graphics

The 3D-like environment is certainly a bit more impressive than something like Candy-Crush or Angry-Birds, but a bit more familiar for Zynga games players like Farmville. This game is obviously produced by a full team of app developers that know what they are doing. This is an obviously professional gig, the menus, music and everything fit perfectly inline with the aesthetic of the game. It's appealing and high quality, to be sure.

App of the Week: Max AxeAxe Throwing Mayham

The actual game play follows Max as he walks through a path of rewards and dangers. Your goal is to fling his axes as quickly and accurately from him to collect the coins/jewels/prizes and most importantly kill the villans in your path. The game gets seemingly difficult fairly quickly, until you find a rhythm to the axe-throwing. Luckily there's an upgrade or reward available for redemption of your 'coins' collected nearly every level, or two.

In App Purchases

The extensive menu for the in-app purchases are huge here - so obviously this is where the developers are hoping you'll drop some real coin. Anything from resurrection tokens, $0.99, all the way up to 'Vault of Gold' (which is five million pieces, $24.99). That being said, I do have to say that I'm impressed with the list of "Free" upgrades as well. For connecting Facebook, or inviting a friend, even just watching an advertising video in-game, you can gain extra lives and gold.

While the game is free, it's worth downloading to try out. Either you'll love it or not, but you won't have to waste a dollar finding out.


Free on iTunes: Max Axe (normally $1.99, iPhone, iPad, iOS 6+)

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