Friday, February 21, 2014

Get Tetris for iOS Free, through Apple Store App on iTunes

Get Tetris for iOS Free, through Apple Store app on iTunes
So, you'd love to get your hands on a free copy of the Tetris iOS app, well look no further. The Apple store App is offering a limited-time promotion to get a free promo code.

You simply need to download the Apple Store iPhone app and click on the "A throwback, on us" link. You'll be directed to the Redeem page in the App Store for your free copy of Tetris.

A Classic Reborn

Get Tetris for iOS Free, through Apple Store app on iTunesOne of the most popular games of all time is amazingly redefined as a mobile app. The classic game play transfers well to the iOS format, and offers on-touch controls for easier peice movements. Tetris for iOS is one of the most popular and most addictive games, so you should absolutly download it for free while you can.

New Game Styles

Along with classic "Marathon" style gameplay, there's also Galaxy mode. In Galaxy you must clear a specified path or level with as few blocks as possible, different levels offer different gimmicks, such as different power-ups or obsticles. Also avialable for the new generation of Tetris addicts is Tetris Blitz, which the original game links to, and is also available for FREE on the iTunes Store.

Apple Store App

This is a good chance for Apple to promote the Apple Store App. This Apple-centric app offers all the online purchasing, help and product specs you'd expect from the Apple Site and much more. It's like having an entire in-person app store in your pocket - especially with "EasyPay" which lets you scan, read about, and purchase items directly from your iPhone.

Get Tetris for iOS Free, through Apple Store app on iTunes


Free on iTunes: Apple Store (free, iPhone, iPad, iOS 6+)

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