Saturday, February 8, 2014

How to Organize Your iPhone and iPad Apps

Modern day phone demands smart handling. Often there are plenty of apps lying on the homescreen of your iPhone. You believe all these are important, still when the need arises you are unable to locate the required one in time. Many people would suggest you ways out. I have summed them here for you to decide what suits you best.

Organize Apps by occasion 

One way to keep your life smooth is to organize the apps by occasion.

  •  Keep one homescreen that contains the most frequently used apps on the dock. 
  • The second homescreen should contain the apps that are being used most frequently when you are out. 
  • Keep everything else in folders on the third screen instead of creating different home-screens for different categories. 
  • A few miscellaneous apps that don’t fit into any particular category can be placed beneath the folders. 
  • Delete the apps you don’t use. These only add up to clutter when searching a particular app. Replace them with other useful apps. Organize them in groups An excellent method is grouping on the grounds of the work they accomplish: personal utility or otherwise. This gives you the freedom to put many apps together. It is commonly known as “verb method”. Many swear by the way this method makes their life easier.
How to Organize Your iPhone and iPad Apps

  • Put apps like Pandora, Spotify, iheartradio in one group. Name it “listen”. 
  • A group named as “watch” can enclose apps like Video, YouTube, AmazonInstant, NetFlix to name a few. 
  • Still another named “forecast” can have weather apps: Accuweather, Dark Sky, Haze, and others at one place. 
  • Maps and GPS-based apps can be placed in “navigate” group. 
  • “Travel” group can have TripIt and Kayak in it. 
  • You can add more apps to these groups that furnish the same utility. 
  • A few more examples are Shoot/Edit (if you love clicking a lot of pictures), Read, Shop, Organize and Play-1Player, Play-2Player (for iPad only). 
  • The ones that cannot be grouped into any group can be left alone like Calculator, Calendar and Settings. To make the most of this method: group app icons on the basis of the frequency of their utility.

Keep related apps together

There is one more method that can be employed: Keep the related apps together like all entertainment apps on one screen, all travel-related ones on another, and so on. This increases the number of screens. You can try it, if there are not too many apps.

How to Organize Your iPhone and iPad Apps as the best. read on..

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These methods furnish two benefits: One: lessens the number of home-screens for scrolling (also depends on your expertise at managing). Two: you can easily find the app you require. Try the method that serves the purpose to make your life easy. After all, gadgets are meant to make our lives simpler not complicated. Only a smart handling can make smart phone smarter and you the smartest.


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