Friday, February 7, 2014

iPhone 6 report gives later launch date, and other surprises

Further rumours fuel the flame that Apple will be releasing not one but two new phones this year. KDB Daewoo Securities from South Korea launched a report that gave more creedence to the ongoing speculation about the next generation iPhone.

Report giving iPhone 6 details, two devices,  Apple Phablet with 5.5 inch screen, September launch date.5.5 inch Phablet, 2K HD

While KDB states the iPhone 6 will sport a 4.7- or 4.8-inch screen, it also states the larger model will pack a 5.5-inch display. This is pretty much in line with many of the other reports we've been hearing about, but what makes one differing is that unlike previous reports its resolution specifics state they are expecting 1,920x1080 for the smaller iPhone, and a whopping 2,272x1280 for the Phablet.

No iOS8

The other interesting fact, that went against the rumour mill thus far, is that the newer iPhones will launch with the upcoming 7.2 iOS firmware. Which actually doesn't quite line up with its launch date projections;

Fourth Quarter Launch

They also state that the devices won't be available until the third or *gasp* fourth quarter of 2014. While I'm relieved to hear someone predicting a regularly scheduled launch (if we are going by the last couple iterations of the phone in any case), I really think this might simply be off the mark considering so many other reports have predicted a summer launch.

Obviously, conflicting reports will continue to emerge as we await any news from Apple itself about announcements or new devices. What do you think of the newest projections?


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