Sunday, February 2, 2014

Jelly Lock 7 One of the best Cydia Tweaks updated for iOS 7

Yes, finally guys! One of the most popular Cydia tweaks is now updated for iOS 7. Read on..

Jelly Lock 7

This awesome tweak replace the ''Slide to unlock'' text on the lock screen of your iOS device with a circular unlock icon. It allows you to get quick access to 5 apps, without having to unlock your iOS device.

You can assign the app for each of the shortcuts via the Settings app. You can also enable the toggle to skip the passcode check when you launch an app from the lock screen.

Jelly Lock 7 iphone - ipad - ipod touch

It is pretty cool. All you need to do is just drag the unlock icon to any of the 5 app shortcuts to launch the respective app.

The tweak also offers a few customizations, such as the ability to change the color and opacity of the circular icon.

JellyLock 7
Since the Camera app is one of the app shortcut, Jelly Lock 7 gives you the option to hide the Camera icon at the bottom right corner of the screen. You also have the option to hide the badges.

Respring Issue

For all adjustments you make, you'll have to respring your iOS device. Most new tweaks for iOS 7 try to avoid this. So, that is a downside of this tweak, you have to respring your iDevice with every single settings you change.

In the shortcuts section, you have the ability to choose how many apps you want to display on the Lock screen.

Jelly Lock iOS 7 quick access to 5 shortcuts

So, it is definitely worth a try. Also very useful when you're in a hurry - just drag the unlock icon to any of the 5 shortcuts and it just launch the app. JellyLock 7 is available for free on Cydia. Let us know what you think about the tweak in the comments section below.


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