Thursday, February 27, 2014

New 13-inch iPad Pro Concept, running full OSX

With all the iPhone 6 rumors and concepts floating about recently, its a welcome relief to see an interesting concept video for a new iPad come around. Here you can see a whopping 13" iPad concept - what's more it's running a full version of OSX instead of iOS.

iPad Pro Concept, running full OSX

While the video itself is impressive, the specs on this theoretical device are sparse. The few details we do have show that wireless keyboard and mouse would be available and of course, the full mac operating system OSX is shown being in use.

Full OSX not Likely

The reception to have the full OS software running on the next-gen tablet has been a resounding "No, Thank you", from what we've read - and it doesn't seem that Apple has any plans to shift its mobile devices away from iOS. Indeed, it would make more sense, in this writers opinion, to spend time creating a version of iOS to be used on non-mobile devices, like Macbooks, rather than the other way around.

In any case, besides the operating system hiccup - what do you think of the massive 13" inch display, which of all things is the most likely upgrade for the next iPad?

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