Thursday, February 6, 2014

New Pebble iPhone app, 2.0 watch software & watch apps!

Big news in the world of smartphones, as Pebble has updated its watch software, iOS and Android apps to include the Pebble appstore - which outs "over 1000 apps and watchfaces". While the device itself recently got a face lift and the company now offers the luxury "Pebble Steel" the software didn't get an update until yesterday, when it hit iTunes by storm.

Pebble for iPhone has received a huge update, brings 2.0 software to Pebble watch. over 1000 apps and watchfaces. Read our full Review.

As I recently acquired a Pebble myself, I was overjoyed at the news that there would be a major update to the iPhone and watch software. Until now the Pebble really had two niches - great for controlling your music remotely (which isn't a huge draw for me), and the amazing integration with iOS7's notification center to get updates on your wrist from nearly any app, from Facebook, Instagram, BBM and of course, any Text, emails and Phone Calls.

Watch Apps

This is a huge move into making the smartwatch more appealing to the everyday public. Until now, getting apps to function directly ont he watch required a bit of techy-know how. So what exactly is a watch app anyways? Why the big fuss? Well, let me give you a couple of examples just to clarify.

Pebblebucks offers real-time information about your Starbucks account (balance, stars, free drinks). Whats more is it generates your card barcode, so yes, you can buy your Lattes with your wrist.

Now that you get the idea, I'll also introduce you to what is, so far, my favorite app - Pebble Cards, which combines a watch face with other helpful, really customizble notifications, like calendar, weather, transit, sports and stock info.

Brand New UI

The new iPhone app is entirely redesigned from the ground up and doesn't look anything like its predecessor. Its much easier to use, much easier to configure settings, and much, much better looking. The only drawback I was having is that its a bit laggy, which can be bothersome. For Pebble users this is a no-brainer, for people on the fence, now is the perfect time to get a Pebble.


 Free on iTunes: Pebble Smartwatch (iPhone, iPod touch, iOS 6+)


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