Monday, February 3, 2014

iTunes free App of the Week, fun photo editor PopAGraph

It might be said that Apple has a penchant for featuring photo and video apps in iTunes, perhaps its because "everyday more photos are taken with the iPhone than any other camera", but whatever the reason, I'm elated that they choose innovative, exciting, and feature-rich photography apps to highlight. This week's App of the Week, PopAGraph is one such example.

Popagraph iPhone free

Masks, Filters, Frames & More

While the UI lacks a bit to be desired, I believe its downfall is that there are just SO MANY features and options to use that it can be a bit confusing. But this is proably exactly why PopAGraph runs a tutorial the first time you use it. You can go through each stage of it's many photo-editing options, like frames, filters, text and more. But the REAL feature is the Masking, which lets you "pop" a highlighted portion of your photo. Editing from there is actually quite easy. There's even upgrade packages available for even more filters and effects.
Popagraph iPhone free

Although I will have to say that getting used to the programs options might take a little while - it is a lot more robust that it seems at first, after more experience its obvious that you could use this for some pretty heavy photo editing, and come out with a great product if you put the time in.

Share as Photo or Video

Saving and sharing your creations are simple with in-app sharing for a host of social media sites. One of the interesting options is to save your creation as a video, which shows the original photo, fading into the PopAGraph you've created.

While PopAGraph is free you should definitely test it out!


Free on iTunes (for a limited time): PopAGraph (iOS 6+)


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