Saturday, February 22, 2014

Radiohead's PolyFauna App: Interesting, Fun, And a bit Spooky

Radiohead's PolyFauna App: Interesting, Fun, And a bit Spooky
Not just for Radiohead Fans, PolyFauna offers ambient virtual hide-and-seek game/experience that will definitely make people look at you strangely in public. Although, with so many augmented reality games/apps on the market, maybe not.

Immerse, Adaptive World

Before downloading and testing out PolyFauna, I read quite a few short reviews and descriptions and none fully prepared me for the experience of delving into the 'game' itself. Once loaded you are the pivot point in a barren virtual landscape, and you start searching for a red ball as if you're looking through your camera lens. The world is 360 degrees entirely around you, below you and above you. I played the game on a swivel computer chair - I can't imagine how difficult or awkward it would be on the bus.

Radiohead's PolyFauna App: Interesting, Fun, And a bit SpookyMy brain automatically went to a "Haunted Snitch Search" sort of mindset, which is as best I think I can describe it.

The added feature of being able to add to the landscape with your finger, adding flying lines and shapes that continue to float around you is a neat feature, but rather limited for creativity wise, I suspect they'll add more to this aspect if they do an app update in the future.

Ambient Music

The soundtrack isn't actually what you might expect strait away from Radiohead, but its absolutely hauntingly beautiful. The world around you (which changes each time you collide with the red orb) offers some sounds itself as well, falling rain or 'leaf' like fragments whizzing past. I have to say although it's very rudimentary, the audio absolutely helps sell the virtual environment.

For both Radiohead fans, and anyone else who this may appeal to, I would suggest at least downloading it and trying it out. You'll ether get bored immediately, or lost in it for a while. Enjoy!

Download: PolyFauna (free, iPhone, iPad, iOS 7+)

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