Friday, February 28, 2014

Shazam will soon look like this and currently 300M users

Shazam has started rolling out a new design of the Shazam app for iPhone. We asked Shazam what is going to change. Let's take a look.

Shazam has started rolling out a new design of the Shazam app for iPhone and iPad. Check out all the new feature for the new Shazam appThe first step in this process is the new results screen that you see when a song is recognized. You get more information than before. Instead of click-options under each square blocks you see at a glance the most important relevant information such as the date of the next concert, videos, biography and more. 

The iPad version will have an interactive mapping feature that enables users to zoom into any city around the world to discover, buy, and share popular music that is being listened to in that location.

Shazam App changes color

The second phase of the design is characterized by a lot of use of white, which was previously blue the main blue color of Shazam. It gives the app also a lot firmer look. Check out the video, below.

300 million users

Shazam has currently 300 million users with a huge growth iPad users. Hence, the additional investment for the iPad app. This version of Shazam optimizes discovery, engagement, transactions and exploration in a tablet environment.

Release date

The update of the iPad versions will be available in a couple of weeks. As mentioned earlier, the revealed user experience comes with an "innovative home screen" that the company says will encourage users to explore to see what TV shows and music is being tagged and what is popular at the moment.

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