Thursday, February 20, 2014

Track your speed better with Speedometer App by Sygic

Track your speed better with Speedometer App
For drivers who want a more indepth experience police check spots and cameras, Speedometer is a free app that gives you much more than your traditional dashboard might.
when tracking their speed, and a more interactive option for speed traps,

Speed Alerts

The basic fuction of this app is to help you cleanly track your speed, based on your GPS movements. So, this might not be entising to most, as offering the function itself - but the one extra on the main feature is that it does give you alerts. I'll admit to have been on a long drive and been comfortably inching faster and faster not realizing that I've gone 30km over the speed limit. For people who have ongoing speeding issues - this is something that a regular built-in car speedometer just won't offer.

Track your speed better with Speedometer AppDriving Log

The main secondary feature of this app would probably be the trip log. Not only can you track your milage, but also your timing, and average and maximum speed for each trip. For people who take similar business trips, or even people who commute every day this would be very interesting and sometimes useful information. It's logged automatically, so you've got your history right there on your phone.

Speed Cameras

Finally, and probably the most useful feature of this app is the database of over 50,000 speed cameras, red light cameras and usual speed traps. Get warned of upcoming cameras and their location, to avoid fines. Furthermore, with one tap you can report a new location or a scouting police officer.

For people trying to avoid speeding tickets, this is a very, very useful app. I can also see the benefits of the Speedometer and Driving Log features for cyclists, especially those who commute on their bike. As far as a free app goes, the UI and graphics are all modern, sleak and beautiful. Definitly worth checking out if the features above interest you.


Free on iTunes: Speedometer (iPhone, iOS 6+)

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