Monday, February 17, 2014

Brand new game Stubies is adorable and addictive!

Adorable little block-head creatures comes to life, and want nothing more than to find a friend in this brand new, absolutely addicting, beautiful, and fun match-game. Stubies features cute block-head mii-like characters that wander around on your screen looking to be matched to another - but beware of obstacles and keep an eye out for prices - each level is different and unique!

Brand new game Stubies is adorable and addictive!How to Play

Perhaps on purpose for a day-before valentines release, the game starts easy enough with you pointing the little Stubies in the right direction to run into another of the same color. Although absolutly no two levels are the same as new options, obsticles, and twists are added each level. Watch out for Holes, Blocks, and other dangers. As the game progresses you'll get multicolored stubies, bomb stubies, twist stubies and lots of other types  of characters to keep you on your toes.

Brand new game Stubies is adorable and addictive!
For the first time in a long time I have to say that I am happy with the progression of difficulty in a game. Too often games are immediately too difficult, or worse, way to easy. Not with Stubies - you'll get a few round of practise, then you're off to the races, with progression of each level you'll get more obsitcales and equally rewards - a perfect balance.

Great Graphics, Adorable Characters

You might be fooled by the seemingly stark environment that the stubies walk around in, but this game is actually graphically impressive. The 3D-like animation is smooth, seamless and responsive. The characters are outright adorable, and perfectly sized for their environment.

Brand New Release

There is something to be said about getting in on the ground floor - and as Stubies grows in popularity I'm sure we'll see more in the way of levels and characters as the world builds around them. The I 60 levels is more than enough to keep you busy for a long while, but thinking about the future - this game has no where to go but up.


$0.99 on iTunes: Stubies (iPhone, iPad, iOS 7+)

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