Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Tempo Bluetooth Thermometer Review

Once in a while a simple elegant product comes along that makes you think "of course!", and also makes you wonder why you didn't already own it. The Blue Maestro Tempo is one such product.

Tempo Bluetooth Thermometer Review

Beautiful Design

Before I go on to the specifics on the software, and its performance, something first needs to be said about the design. This is one of the most sleek and beautiful 'accessories' I've ever seen for the iPhone, let alone for a Thermometer. It manages to be both modern and simplistic, and - perhaps most importantly - entirely unobtrusive. This "pebble" like shape would fit into any environment unobtrusively. Not to mention the muted color choices, there's a tempo for any decor.


The first question my Husband asked me when I was telling him about the Tempo was "can it go outside?". Why yes, it certainly can! Using the Tempo as your guide instead of relying on weather stations makes all kinds of sense, especially if you are far from one. The tempo is water and weather resistant, and operates safely anywhere between -13F (-25C) to a Whopping 167F (+75C)! And from my experience, it can easy handle an 8-month old chewing on it and dropping it, repeatedly, into hardwood floor - without a scratch.

Tempo Bluetooth Thermometer Review


On to using the Tempo. Set up couldn't be simpler, you just have to load the Tempo App on your iPhone (iOS7+) or Android (4.3+) device, and the app syncs with the Tempo strait away - you'll constantly be updated with the info that the Tempo stores on a minute-by-minute basis. You'll have the option to set up alerts for certain temperatures. Furthermore the range is amazing, no where in my apartment did I not have access to the data. The battery life is outstanding as well, as Blue Maestro boasts that two 2AA batteries should last an entire year.


While most will be using this in the home, perhaps for the attic, garage, basement, or other room that probably doesn't have a thermostat - I think that there's an entirely valid market for new mothers, in monitoring their baby's room. This is exactly how I started using my tempo. With quite a few major cold snaps happening recently, for nearly a week, I kept an eye on my iPhone to make sure my daughter's room was staying warm - and was able to adjust our household thermostat when I noticed that during the day it would get much cooler than night. Having the readings for the last 24hrs was so very helpful.

Tempo Bluetooth Thermometer Review

I would absolutely recommend this product, first to parents, then to anyone who wants to be more interactive with controlling their household temperature. Having the info in your pocket makes you better aware of the environmental factors that you live, work, and play in every day - and that can help us be more comfortable!


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