Sunday, March 30, 2014

3D Games for iPhone 6 (Air) make use of realistic reflections

3D Games on the upcoming iPhone 6 (iPhone Air) could probably make use of realistic shadows and reflections. Imagination Technologies has announced a new version of the PowerVR chip. Apple currently using PowerVR technology in the A7 chip of the iPhone 5s, iPad Air, and iPad mini with retina display, which suggests that Apple will use the improved version of the A8 chip.

The new PowerVR version has many technical improvements that mostly sound interesting for developers. In the image below, you can see how the new shadows, reflections and transparent windows will make the new iOS games much nicer.

Current iOS games without the releastic shadows and reflections
iPhone 6 3D Games with the releastic shadows and reflections

The PowerVR G6430 was announced by Imagination Technologies at the Game Developers Conference that is currently taking place. The new chip is designed same as the earlier PowerVR versions for mobile devices.

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