Saturday, March 22, 2014

Patent: Apple working on smart stylus for touch screen

The United States Patent and Trademark officer has granted a new Patent on paper to Apple. The patent describes a stylus that would be more useful to a complementary accessory rather than a mandatory stylus use. The idea would be to use it if the opportunity arises and not in all circumstances.

Patent: Apple working on smart stylus for touch screen

The pen is presented for a nib that could be described as intelligent. It may be extended or, conversely, shortcut. In the first case, the user could draw wide lines. In the second case, the drawn lines are thinner. Flexibility would be present to bend somewhat to increase the possibilities for use. Designers could really appreciate this kind of tool to perfect their works.

Apple also talks about the tip that could be changed to vary according to usage. Again, the idea is to provide multiple opportunities with a single accessory. The patent also mentions light sensors, allowing the stylus to fit in certain situations. The sensors allow a touchscreen to communicate with the stylus. An accelerometer and a gyroscope are also part to determine the inclination for example.

Patent: Apple working on smart stylus for touch screen

As always, a patent in no way means that the product will emerge. Apple may well imagine without it out in trade. Nevertheless, it might be useful to a large Cases. This is great, an "iPad Pro" with a 12-inch screen is announced about some rumors. The project was recently arrested, but nothing is confirmed.

Moreover, Steve Jobs was the first person to find no utility pen. In 2007 during the presentation of the iPhone, Apple's former boss said "Who wants a stylus? " stressing that the iPhone screen can be controlled with your fingers. Later, he declared that products equipped with a stylus were a failure. Apple will she change her mind?

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