Tuesday, March 11, 2014

ShotBuf App Review: Easy way to Share and Send content

For Dropbox users, we are always looking for a faster, better, more efficient way to share our content between devices. Even with the app itself being very robust and useful, there's always room for improvement. ShotBuf aims to be that improvement with a one-way instant transfer from your PC (or Mac) to your iOS Device (or Android) via DropBox with the simple premise to share, instantly, anything and everything you 'copy' to your clipboard.

ShotBuf for iPhone and iPad creates an instant transfer between desktop (windows or mac) to your mobile device using clipboard and Dropbox. Read our review.

Instant Share

I haven't yet found an app that so simply and quickly shares from my PC to my device. ShoBuf will copy any text, image or link that you copy on your Desktop and send it immediately to your mobile device. So long as you have the Desktop Program installed (and linked with your Dropbox) and your app installed (and linked with your Dropbox).

ShotBuf for iPhone &  iPad creates an instant transfer between desktop (windows, mac) to your mobile device using clipboard and Dropbox >> full review

Easy to Use, Good UI

The design of the app is basically flawless, it's simple (like a twitter news feed). The set up and settings within are easy to use, even with the several steps (linking Dropbox account, installing desktop software), I got it up and running in under two minutes. Since it uses your Desktop's clipboard it works within practically any software program (Photoshop, GIMP, Docs, Browsers, ANYTHING) with no plugins or extensions needed.

One-Way Transfer

The only drawback I have to point out is that, at this point, ShotBuf sends *to* your mobile device, but not directly to your Desktop from your device. If there were a copy or even send button within ShotBuf to update the other way around I would find this app very obviously worth the $3.99 price tag. Even if it only instantly uploaded screenshots - would increase the value of this app quite a bit.

Download ShotBuf ($3.99, iPhone, iPad, iOS 6+)

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