Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The Woolies: iPhone/iPad Puzzle Game for Kids, Review

When it comes to apps for children the marketplace can be a bit daunting. Not only do you want to make sure you find something thats age-appropriate, but something that is both fun and educational, or at least engaging. Especially for preschoolers or young kids. Sometimes, finding something simple like painting or puzzle app is the best route - and if so, I highly reccomend The Woolies.

Nice iPhone, iPad and iPod touch puzzle game for preschoolers or young kids. The Woolies - Puzzle for Kids is fun and educational read our full review..This very simple, yet well done, puzzle app offers 12 furry, woolen characters in puzzle form for your child to put together. Its a simple concept exicuted well, with pretty graphics and enough gameplay to keep your little one engaged for a while.

The Woolies Characters - Furry Friends

Each character is modelled after a crochet-like stuffed animal, and each of the 12 offered gives 6 puzzles of varying difficulty. The controls are easy for even a little one to master, while there are arrows and selections, you can also swipe and click on any of the characters as well. Continued play with the specific characters will increate the familaiarity and therefore help with the more complex puzzles with more, smaller peices.

Puzzle Game With Decent Graphics

For a $0.99 game, the graphics are decent. Entirely responsive and polished. I'd prefer if there was a bit more interactivity with the backgrounds or envinorntments, but wouldn't want it to detract from the gameplay at all. After each puzzle is solved there is a swam of pop-able bubbles - something different for each character would have been nice - but it's a neat little added bonus.

Nice iPhone, iPad and iPod touch puzzle game for preschoolers or young kids. The Woolies - Puzzle for Kids is fun and educational read our full review..

The only drawback I would say is that on the iPhone screen, the more difficult levels make the small puzzle peices hard to manoever. If you can, definitly play this one on the iPad.

Parental Controls

Lastly I have to remark on being impressed with the lock-out of access to the iTunes store and Social integration. While there are links on the main menu to the developer's other app - and the ablity to post to facebook, both of these features require a simple math answer to launch. Since the vast majority of kids using this app will be younger than school-age its a clever and useful way to lock-out and avoid unwanted out-of-app interaction. Good Job.

Continued upgrades, and added features to this app would absolutly make it worth the $0.99. While I do think it's worth the price, I also know there are dozens of other Free puzzle apps that offer similar gameplay, if not the 70+ levels or polished graphics, so if you're looking for a slightly more premium product than a generic one, this is a good bet.

Download The Woolies - Puzzle for Kids ($0.99, iPhone, iPad, iOS 4.3+)

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