Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The leader of Roku believes Apple is losing money with its Apple TV

The leader of Roku believes Apple is losing money with its Apple TV
Anthony Wood believes that Apple should change its angle of view with its Apple TV. Founder and Leader of Roku spoke at the event Code/Media organized by Re/code. According to Wood, Apple does not make money with its box TV, quite the contrary. "They lose money, which is unusual for Apple. If you lose money, why would you sell more? ". He says to reporters. The leader of Roku does not indicate the data on which they rest. Recently, Tim Cook announced that the Apple TV had generated $1 billion, included content. In the process, he believes that the Apple case that is connected to the TV is "essentially an accessory for iPad".

This type of comment from Anthony Wood is not very surprising since Roku sells a direct competitor to the Apple TV. "We are competing with Apple for 6 years now and every year, we take the magnitude. We are in the market for television platform. Our goal is to be the operating system of television", said Wood still during the interview.

The leader of Roku exclaimed shortly before Apple's announcement for a new Apple TV just. The Cupertino company has not yet formalized its existence, but this should not delay. It should have a brand new interface, support games and more.To date, Apple and Roku share a large part of these housings is connected to the TV. Together, they occupy 80% market share in the United States.

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