Thursday, April 3, 2014

First-Time Developer highlight: Box Rescue

iTunes is brimming with polished, professional, free games - so much so that sometimes the indie, first-time developers can have a bit of a hard time getting noticed. In this review, I want to highlight someone who created their very first app, and did so with an interesting gameplay.

First-Time Developer creates a fun timing game. Hints for new developers, tips on how to make a better iPhone game.

Box Rescue offers a simple concept - touch the boxes before they hit the ground. What is basically a tap-timing format, not unlike guitar hero. Andreas Olsen Benjaminsen coded this game himself - the first he's ever done, and since I don't have the skill or ability to do such a thing, I will give him credit for that. What follows is simply a few notes that I think would improve the game considerably taking it out of obsurity and put it in contention with more professional free game app contendors.


The graphics are simple. They're not alltogether bad, but they certainly are boring. The app doesn't even have a proper logo. Spending a bit of time on simple backgrounds, and offering detail foregrounds is key, I think. Sadly, the boxes don't even really look like Boxes - but this is a simple fix.

Functional UI

Unfortunatly there were some issues with playing on my 4S - the top and bottom of the screens were cut off (bottom covered by an ad) and I assume this is due to the resolution being set for iPhone 5's. You need to offer a seamless experience for all users.

Complex Gameplay

Adding Levels, adjustable difficuly, additoinal 'prizes' or features (score multiplyers, hazards, etc) all are ideas that would easily enrich the playing experience. I really do enjoy the "tap as quick as you can" basic concept - but this game needs more to keep people playing. For now, it's great to download and play once or twice. It's too quick for children (see above for 'changing difficulty') and too boring for adults. Pick a demographic and run with it!

That's just a bit of advice I have, but I'm sure the developer would love to hear from other users too - leave your comments & suggestions below!

Download Box Rescue (free, iPhone, iPad, iOS 5+)


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