Monday, April 21, 2014

Hyundai will put CarPlay in 2015 Sonata

Apple partnered with Hyundai announced Wednesday the arrival of CarPlay by next year. Apple iOS system to integrate in car will be available in the Sonata, model 2015. Drivers can then enjoy the Phone function, Siri,Maps and Music from the central console.

Hyundai will put CarPlay in 2015 Sonata Apple
Hyundai does not fit into more detail, especially for the price. The Korean manufacturer does not indicate whether CarPlay be optional or available by default. There are chances that the first choice is the right one.

As a reminder, CarPlay is compatible with an iPhone 5, an iPhone 5C and an iPhone 5S. The driver must connect the iPhone to central console in order to have access to iOS on the screen. Hyundai provides a first image of its CarPlay in Sonata. Unsurprisingly, the interface is identical to that present in other manufactures. Apple needed to ensure that everyone can quickly recognize CarPlay.

Most Manufactures offer Apple's solution in their new vehicles. Some manufactures like Pioneer or Alpine, offer backward compatibilty with their existing Radio.


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