Sunday, April 13, 2014

The engineer Greg Christie leaves Apple after conflicts with Jony Ive

An important departure Note: Greg Christie, an Apple engineer who was particularly busy the first iPhone, is leaving the company for which he worked since 1996. Apple has not yet made an official announcement to this. subject. According to 9to5Mac , this departure is due to the behavior of Jony Ive.

Engineer Greg Christie leaves Apple after fight with Jony Ive! Greg Christie was involved in the creation of the first iPhone, and other projects.

Ive is Apple designer for a while now, he is busy iPhone, iPad, Mac and more. Since his appointment to a higher position at the end of 2012, he took over power and is especially busy the iOS interface 7. Few disputes have occurred on this subject between Ive and Christie apparently there. The two men could not agree on the interface of the new operating system. I've finally managed to impose its choice, which gave iOS 7 as we know it today.

Greg Christie 

The departure of Greg Christie is considered important internally. The man was involved in the creation of the first iPhone, and other projects. He has numerous patents, so the "Slide to unlock" which represents well the iPhone in general. Apple just fight with Samsung that uses its smartphones. A trial is underway.

So far, no one knows if Christie will move to another company or retire. The departure of this magnitude occurs after that Scott Forstall. One who led from the start iOS was dismissed in autumn 2012 to just be replaced by Jony Ive.


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