Wednesday, August 13, 2014

iPad Air 2 will have an Anti-Reflective coating: Better against bright sunlight

iPad Air 2 will have an Anti-Reflective coating: Better against bright sunlight.  So from now reading E-Books, playing games in the sun!

iPad Air with Anti-reflection screen

Apple suppliers have started manufacturing the next generation iPad Air. Which will feature a special anti-reflective coating, so the screen is easier to read in bright sunlight. The mass production of the 9.7-inch iPad Air has already started and we can expect the announcement at the end of this quarter or early next quarter, according to Bloomberg.

Suppliers would also be started production of an iPad mini 3 with 7.9-inch screen. The new iPad mini will coming this fall in the market. But only the iPad Air would get the new anti-reflective coating. Apple previously used an oleophobic coating that is oil-repellent and prevents visible fingerprints on the screen. Apple uses the oleophobic coating since the iPhone 3GS.

Touch ID

The next generation iPad will probably have a Touch ID Fingerprint sensor, a slightly different ranking volume buttons and a modified speaker. Also small performance improvement are expected, but no significant new features.

Previously made Amazon the iPad ridiculous in its commercial, because of the reflective screen. Reading an E-book on a Kindle will be much easier, than on an iPad, was the message from Amazon.

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