Monday, August 11, 2014

iWatch: Announcement in September or October (updated)

The iWatch is the next new category of Apple products. Watch connected marry the best iPhone, both should logically work in tandem. Meanwhile, the date of presentation is questioned.

Apple will announced it iWatch next month September/October. The iPhone keynote is scheduled for September 9.

According to John Gruber, Apple will present its connected object next month. The blogger is quite knowledgeable about Apple, he has some contacts. Gruber has had just repeatedly in the past. However, this announcement contradicts a given Re / previous code. The site also knowledgeable, has announced that the iWatch would be presented in October. The announcement date of early June.

It is true that Apple has well changed his plans. But September will be there the whole month? Indeed, the iPhone 6 will be prominent. Apple will also recap the latest iOS and OS X 8 Yosemite, as saying that the presentation of the two operating systems+ the new iPhone mat take some time. And Apple could very well reveal other services. It would be wiser to have a separate conference for the iWatch, especially since it is a brand new product.

We shall soon set. The first keynote is scheduled for September 9.

Update: John Gurber has clarified that he doesn't have any information on Apple's release plans, and the above statement was simply a part of the joke. 

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