Saturday, August 9, 2014

SketchBook Mobile (Pro) is Apple's Free App of the Week

A new week with a new free app chosen by Apple. SketchBook (Pro) is available free to download from today until next Thursday (August 14). The app is available for iPhone and iPad.

SketchBook Mobile and Sketchbook Pro are free to download in the App Store for iPhone and iPad! Limited Time!

Sketchbook Pro and Mobile are both similar in functionality but the larger screen of the iPad lends itself naturally best for creating beautiful digital paintings and sketches. The app offers a large selection of brushes, pens, markers and colors that you can customize to your liking and with the Steady Stroke function it is even for beginners easy to make something.

A great feature in the app is the Time Lapse sketches. This brings your drawings to life in a video, that you can keep in your gallery. Furthermore, it is possible meanwhile you're editing to save or undo. With support for iCloud, you can save your sketches and ideas in the cloud, so you continuing your work easily on a other device.

SketchBook Mobile and Pro free to download

Sketchbook for iPhone costs normally $1.99 and the iPad version $4.99. Both require iOS 6 or later and is 12MB in size for iPhone and 34MB in size for iPad.

Download Sketchbook Mobile
Download Sketchbook Pro


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