Monday, August 18, 2014

Touch ID may not be limited only to iPhone and iPad

Touch ID is still a new technology from Apple, but that does not stop Cupertino consider may avenues in the future. While it seems logical to integrate the biometric sensor soon to iPad, a patent of Cupertino suggests that technology could actually be deported on accessories to attach to our iDevices as a sound or headphone doing USB.

Touch ID may not be limited only to iPhone and iPad. May come available to iPad, Macs and more Apple products!

Touch ID iPad and Macs

The patent describes very precisely how these accessories may interact with future iPhone or iPad, or even Macs (even if they are not reported in the patent) to the extent that a USB Touch ID could well fact be related to any Mac, to verify the identity of the user. As Apple has made a habit of patent by another, the iPad is here, perhaps one of the customary false tracks from Apple.

Such an accessory would make sense, especially in a professional setting where data security remains a key principle. The merge of iOS and OS X might facilitate the passage of Touch ID to the OS 'desktop' of Apple.

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