Wednesday, August 6, 2014

4 Reasons Why The New Game Crazy Taxi City Rush Isn't That Great

For several days already is Crazy Taxi City Rush available in the App Store. In our view, however, this taxi game puts it against the original, and for these four reasons.

These 4 reasons why the iOS game app Crazy Taxi City Rush isn't that fun, and puts it against the original. Check it out!

1. In-App purchases 

Crazy Taxi City Rush is free to download, but operates on the freemium model. That means you'll have to pay a lot of coins for the most awesome taxis and upgrades. But it is also possible to earn coins in the game, but for that you have to complete successfully missions, but in that way it does take a long time, before you can buy a simply taxi, let alone a fast taxi. Result, that you'll have to spend a lot of money.

2. No freedom

Normally it was always the intention to seek to customers. So you'll search for customers from point A to point B on a sprawling city. But now, you'll do this too, but than it is divided into short missions that will take a couple of minutes. You don't have the opportunity to explore the city. So it isn't possible anymore to explore secret locations or buildings.

These 4 reasons why the iOS game app Crazy Taxi City Rush isn't that fun. Check it out!

3. Restricted control

Another restriction that imposes Rush City, is the way you control your taxi. By sweeping your finger to left and right you switch from road and when you keep your finger on the screen you make turns, that's it. Because you have very little control over your taxi, the steering feels very limited. Even accelerating isn't possible. The gameplay looks like the endless run games: Temple Run and Despicable Me.

4. Music

With sadness we think back to the cool soundtrack that in the first two parts of the Crazy Taxi series was on. Fortunately, we have a mute button on our iPhone.. Do you want to try it yourself, the game is available for free.

Download: Crazy Taxi City Rush (free, iOS 7+, 95MB, universal)

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