Sunday, September 14, 2014

EA ready for iPhone 6 and Apple Watch

Electronic Arts has responded quite warmly to the latest ads for Apple. Franck Gibeau, vice president of the mobile division of EA, said enthusiastically presenting the iPhone 6 was like a Christmas present.

"Here's what is clear: the combination of a stunning display, a faster processor, better battery and more storage capacity indicate that we have passed to a new generation of console-level with these new devices. Directly in our hands."

EA (Electronic Arts) will make you play games on Apple Watch and higher graphics games for iPhone 6! FIFA 15, SimCity, Peggle Blast BuildI!

FIFA 15, SimCity

Gibeau and extolling the virtues of Metal, the set of APIs to exploit the power of the GPU. 12 games are already in preparation for iOS, including FIFA 15 Ultimate Team, Peggle Blast BuildIT and SimCity.

Where things get even more interesting is when Franck Gibeau tackles the subject Apple Watch. If he says that EA easily just beginning to assess the value of the watch is connected, he adds immediately that there will probably be opportunities to use it as a passive screen, so that the player checks some information remotely for example. No Fifa Apple Watch therefore; but is it really bad?

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