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The best Cydia sources for iOS 7

In Cydia is all about repositories, short repos. In these sources contain all the software packages, all apps, tweaks, extensions and themes that make a jailbreak so interesting.

Top 10 best cydia sources for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch for iOS 7 and 8! Ryan Petrich, TeamXBMC, BiteSMS, Couria Beta and more!

By default, Cydia is already equipped with five large and important sources. Of course, there are far more sources that are also home to many treasures, but must be added manually.

Below we have 10 of the best, optional sources listed for you that should be missing on any jailbroken iOS device.

How to add sources in Cydia:

How to add sources in Cydia

Ryan Petrich

Developer Ryan Petrich is one of the most active member of jailbreak community. Many Cydia Apps and -Tweaks Petrichhas only made with its developments, including Activator, possible. In his own repo, there are many high-quality, useful apps and tweaks.



The official Cydia sources XBMC-Macher recommended for all fans of the free Media Center. Thus, in this source the XBMC version for iOS is available.



This alternative SMS app IDB has presented here. The development team provides on its own repo free beta version of BiteSMS for download.


Couria Beta

Couria is an extension that allows you to respond faster and easier for incoming SMS, MMS, iMessage, tweets, WeChat, Whatsapp messages to make replies directly.


ParrotGeek Software

In this source can be found next to a Status Bar Fix and the old Siri voice iOS 7 Adernaline. With that latter can significantly speed up the system animations of iOS 7.



In this Source Developer pNre there is some small but no less interesting tweaks.


Karen's Pineapple

In developer Karen Tsai's repo, there are many useful tweaks, tools and emulators. The Tweak Better YouTube, for example, removes the age warning and turn HD video permanently free, regardless of the connection type. With the EU Volume Disabler example, you can adjust the volume constraint, which has forced Apple among others, the European Commission, lever out.



Ivano Bilenchi alias Exile.90 features for the app iCleaner responsible, with the can liberate and clean up unnecessary files from iOS. Source:

Hashbang Production

In this source, there are many, mostly small design tweaks and helpers.


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