Monday, March 14, 2016

Tim Cook talks: About Apple TV, Jobs and Beats. Apple TV coming?

You can be so important, earn so much money and be a successful CEO, but in the USA it only counts if you've sit at the large round table at Charlie Rose. This journalist and host of his own talk show on the American PBS has interviewed everyone that matters. Now it's time for Apple CEO Tim Cook, and so it happened.

Tim Cook speaks in a interview with Charlie Rose: about Apple TV, Steve Jobs and the purchase of Beats. Apple already planning to make an Apple TV

After unveiling the new iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, Apple's own payment system and the Apple Watch, Tim Cook moved on to Rose for a long and candid interview. A remarkably energetic Cook talks about Steve Jobs how he changed him, Beats Music and how the television market has stood still the past 40 years.

About Beats 

The acquisition of Beats was one of the biggest events of 2014, where Apple usually purchase small unknown companies, it was this time a large and very popular brand. Tim Cook tells Charlie Rose what he saw in Beats and the people behind it.

Tim Cook didn't says anything about what Apple will do with the headphones and the music service of Beats exactly, but the passion in which he talks about Beats is that it will be integrated much closer with iTunes.

About Apple TV

In recent years, many people asked Tim Cook about Apple's plans in the television market, and so it is now. Cook starts with the answer in which he always give namely; Apple is interested in the TV market. At the same time, he indicated that the experience of watching TV in the past 40 years hardly improves; ''The interface is terrible, I mean it’s awful''.

Rose than ask the question to Cook: ''So, Why don’t you fix that''. Unfortunately, the answer is less stunning that we would hope. Cook says that Apple is already taken steps about Apple TV, but he can’t say anything about Apple's future plans.

About Steve Jobs

As Apple's plans in the television market will Tim Cook get in every interview the question about his predecessor, Steve Jobs. Charlie Rose asks him how Steve Jobs still is recognizable in the company and Apple products. Then Cook replies that he is still in his heart and that he still thinks every day about Jobs.

He also reveals that Steve's office on the fourth floor of Apple's headquarters in Cupertino is still intact, including his name on the door.


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