Thursday, March 10, 2016

Top 5 Cydia tweaks for your iPhone/iPad Control Center

Top 5 free Cydia tweaks and Apps for your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch Control Center. Check it out!

With iOS 7, Apple has the Control Center established whereby, important functions of iPhone, iPad and iPod touch are easy to find. Jailbreak users know and appreciate a very similar feature called SBSettings been a good 6 years. With the following 5 jailbreak tweaks you can make the Control Center even better and more useful.

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With free FlipControlCenter can be the control center to adjust completely to their own needs. So you can define additional control buttons for other important iOS-functions or change the arrangement of the buttons. More Quick Start buttons for Apps? Control buttons, for example, For LTE, wireless data, VPN, hotspot feature? No problem with FlipControlCenter

As a simple alternative to FlipControlCenter the free tweak also recommends CCToggles.

Top 5 Cydia tweaks for Control Center


By default, can be in the control the flashlight, quickly start the timer function of the watch-app, the computer and the camera. The tweak Polus, you can put any desired app in this quick start bar. So if the computer instead prefers Facebook or Twitter would like to start from the control out can do so with Polus. You can also deposit with Polus more or less than four apps as a quick start. Moreover, also, the control buttons can change. Price around 0.99 $

Top 5 Cydia tweaks for Control Center


Who would like it plain and clear, is well served with CCHide. With this tweak can be desired departments disable and hide in the Control Center.

Top 5 Cydia tweaks for Control Center

Addial for iOS 7

Apparently there are people who actually make calls even with their smartphones. Tweak the Addial for iOS 7 is aimed at those users. With it you add the control center, an additional department, who you can assign any phone functions. So you can quickly add a new contact, for example, open the dialer or directly call a contact. Price around 0.99 $.

Addial for iOS 7

Share Widget for Control Center

Share widget is a free tweak for users who wish to publish always and quickly send tweets or status messages on Facebook- directly from the control out.

Top 5 Cydia tweaks for Control Center

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